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Planning consent for Argyll Tidal Array

Marine Scotland recently approved the deployment of a demonstration tidal energy array in the North Channel off the western coast of the Mull of Kintyre. The Mull of Kintyre Tidal Array, otherwise known as the Argyll Tidal Array, will consist of one 500KW turbine capable of providing 400 homes with electricity.

According to its developer, renewable energy firm Nautricity, the array will make use of a newly developed, second generation tidal energy turbine called CoRMat, or Contra Rotating Marine Turbine. The device includes a patented rotor system that, it is hoped, will make tidal energy production more economic.

Nautricity and scheme developer Argyll Tidal Ltd hope to have the array in place early next year, but according to Cameron Johnstone, co-founder and CEO of Nautricity, “It is envisaged that a multi-megawatt array could be realised on the site post-2016.”

Argyll Tidal entered into an Agreement to Lease with The Crown Estate back in October 2011, and work on obtaining the necessary consents has been underway since then, including a twelve month environmental monitoring programme and a stakeholder engagement exercise to check that the project would have local support.

“On the back of these successful events we received overwhelming support from the community and it was following those that we secured the necessary license from Marine Scotland,” Johnstone told reporters.

The environmental monitoring programme was carried out by MacArthur Green. Our involvement covered not only carrying out the ecology, bird and sea mammal survey and analysis, but also in agreeing with Marine Scotland the methods by which they would be carried out, and preparing the chapters on marine mammals, basking sharks, seabirds and ecology in the project’s Environmental Statement.

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ISO14001 Accreditation for MacArthur Green

As an ecological consultancy, we are particularly pleased to announce that MacArthur Green has been awarded an ISO 14001 accreditation.

The internationally recognised ISO 14001 standard assesses the environmental management systems of companies, and is designed to ensure that accredited companies are environmentally responsible, comply with environmental regulations and continue to strive for improvements in environmental performance.

The work involved in obtaining our ISO 14001: 2004 certification has helped us to look again at issues such as waste management, energy consumption and the materials we use within the business – with the result that our environmental footprint has been reduced and our business efficiency improved.

We believe that the award reflects our determination to continually improve our practices and services to clients, while working in an as environmentally sustainable way as possible.

View our accreditation here.

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Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm Gets Consent!

Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Ltd was granted consent by Marine Scotland for the £3bn offshore wind farm project, which will be located in the Outer Moray Firth. MacArthur Green's Dr Mark Trinder was the project’s ornithological adviser throughout the process.

Mark led on the design of the baseline surveys, data analysis and production of the ornithology chapter for the Environmental Statement. This was followed by additional assessment for the Supplementary Environmental Information and Habitats Regulations Assessments. The work included many highly technical aspects such as Population Viability Analysis and collision risk modelling as well as close engagement with the regulator, Marine Scotland and their statutory nature conservation advisors, SNH and JNCC.

The outcome was a robust assessment of potential effects and delivery of a wind farm proposal which has the potential to generate up to 750MW of renewable energy with minimal impacts on the bird communities of the region.

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