Climate Action: Positive Steps for Progressive Lawyers

The Law Society of Scotland Journal features our Legal Director, Kirsty MacArthur’s article as headline feature in their March edition.

Kirsty talks tactics for companies (law firms or otherwise) getting going with calculating their impact on the planet. Be it carbon footprinting, managing emissions or carbon offsetting, all companies need to get climate carbon on their agenda. It’s much more affordable than you think. Read on here. If you’re too busy to read further, here are some highlights to chew on!

  • Get Carbon on the agenda – Be it  Board room discussions, team meeting, or advice to clients buying or selling assets. Anyone advising clients should feel that the business risks posed by climate change are worth raising and discussing.  
  • Plane free? – Planes are one of the biggest environmental vandals out there. We need to rethink out relationship with business travel. Use trains is we need to. Definitely Use Teams or Zoom instead of the red eye flight to London! Cost savings aplenty to be had here too; what’s not to like?
  • Adverse weather – Climate change means more adverse weather conditions which means business interruption (e.g. rail closures because of extreme weather (flooding, snow), road closures (just think of the regular landslides at the Rest and Be Thankful and the detours to get to and from Argyll when there is heavy rain). This causes delays to deliveries and possible failure to perform contracts on time and on budget. Clients care about this kind of stuff so it needs to be covered in contracts.
  • Electricity and gas – review your energy suppliers – 100% renewable suppliers are out there, and sometimes even cheaper.
  • Carbon footprint – With carbon emissions you need to measure it and manage it (down). Do it!
  • Carbon Management Plan – Don’t recreate the wheel. Start with ours, rip it apart and get going with managing your carbon emissions down. (We won’t know and promise we won’t be offended!)
  • Wormery anyone? – Dealing with food waste is not for everyone! But before dismissing it, ask around! Someone in your team might be wanting to create their own compost (lockdown has made gardeners of many of us!).

Give Kirsty a shout if it would help to have a chat to look at your first or next steps reducing your emissions.(