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MacArthur Green nominated for Scottish Green Energy Award for Business Growth!

It all began in 2009, and MacArthur Green has grown considerably since then, particularly in the offshore wind and marine renewable energy sectors.

In that time, MacArthur Green has contributed towards renewables by providing leading ornithological and technical advice, providing innovative solutions to novel challenges in projects, including:

  • Beatrice Offshore Wind farm (consented);
  • Mull of Kintyre Tidal Array (consented);
  • Hornsea Wind farm; and
  • Dogger Bank Wind farm

MacArthur Green has also written key renewable industry guidance documents for statutory bodies, which have been used to shape the way the offshore wind and marine renewable assessments are undertaken, reducing market uncertainty. These include:

  • Pentland Firth Orkney Waters CIA methods (The Crown Estate);
  • Guidance on Seabird Compensation options (DEFRA);
  • Vulnerability of Scottish Sea Birds to Offshore Wind (Marine Scotland);
  • Vulnerability of Scottish Sea Birds to Tidal Stream and Wave Energy (SNH);
  • Identification of seabird movements and seasonal populations to provide guidance on assessment of impacts in non-breeding season (Natural England);
  • Strategic collision assessment for migratory birds at offshore wind farms (Marine Scotland);
  • Seabird sensitivity mapping in English waters (Natural England). 

The Green Energy Awards are much sought after, and MacArthur Green has made it through the finals for the Business Growth Award! Sponsored by EDF Energy Renewables, they will be presented on 27th November at the EICC in Edinburgh, where over 1,100 guests be there to see the best in renewable energy ability, projects and innovation. Fellow finalists include Natural Power, ORE Catapult and Muirhall Energy. Details of the 13 other awards, and finalists for each of these, can be found here:

Wish us luck!

MacArthur Green's Offshore Experience

With Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm's consent still fairly fresh in our minds, we thought it was high time that we set out MacArthur Green's offshore experience. (Please see: files/MacArthur_Green_Offshore_Project_Summary_August_2014(1).pdf). We have also included a list of the relevant publications from our team.

MacArthur Green has been busy writing industry guidance on some key areas. We have written the much anticipated UK Government (DEFRA) Guidance on seabird compensation options for offshore wind, which is due to be published on the DEFRA website. Our report for Marine Scotland on strategic collision assessment for migratory birds at offshore wind farms through Scottish Waters is also due to be published. In addition to these, MacArthur Green has also conducted a review of GB seabirds in relation to SPA populations and overseas migrants for Natural England for guidance on assessment of impacts in the non-breeding season for Natural England.  

Watch this space for discussion on these guidance documents, as and when they are published.



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Bat Blimp Flies High

We’ve been carrying out some rather unusual surveys recently – using a blimp to help assess the potential impact of a proposed onshore wind farm on the local bat population.

While it has long been known that bats are at risk of colliding with turbines, more recent research has revealed that when bats come close to a rotating turbine blade they are also at risk of a fatal condition known as ‘barotrauma’. In effect the moving blades change the pressure of the air surrounding them, and this badly affects the lungs of any bat caught up in it, causing internal bleeding and death.

These risks mean that, as a protected species, bat impact assessments are required for every proposed wind energy site.

However, not every site will require a bat survey, let alone anything as specialised as an aerial survey involving a blimp or weather balloon. This is because the initial assessment may show that the local area simply cannot support a large enough bat population to make any further investigation necessary.

Where further investigation is required, surveys at height become very important. This is because different types of bat fly at different heights, and are more or less likely to be caught in the sweep of a rotor blade. But there are several different ways of carrying out these surveys, and the type used will depend very much on the site involved: smaller sites, and those involving smaller turbines, should find that traditional methods of installing bat detectors at height are sufficient for survey purposes, but larger sites with taller turbines, or which look set to be built in known at-risk areas, may need something with a greater range.

Hence the blimp…

Achilles UVDB Verify Category B2 accreditation for MacArthur Green

MacArthur Green is pleased to announce that it has been awarded an Achilles UVDB Verify Category B2 accreditation.

The accreditation allows us to pre-qualify as an approved supplier to the utilities sector - a process that makes it easier for companies in the sector to manage their supply chain risks and to comply with EU procurement regulations.

The accreditation was granted on the basis of a rigorous independent audit of our Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental management systems, both in-house and on-site, and will be reassessed at regular intervals.

We are delighted with our scores. In the in-house evaluation we achieved 85.9% for Quality, 83.2% for Environmental and 78.7% for Health & Safety. In the on-site audit of our practices and procedures we achieved 87.2% for Quality and 87.7% for both Environmental and Health & Safety.

You can see our certificate here.

“This is a landmark moment for us,” said Kirsty MacArthur, Director for MacArthur Green. “We are particularly pleased with the on-site Health & Safety assessment, as we see Health & Safety as an integral part of all our projects. Our Health & Safety manager, Gillian Clark, is helping us to develop closer working relationships and greater co-ordination with our clients on this issue.”

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