MacArthur Green Support 4 PhD Studentships on Marine Renewables and Sea Birds

We are passionate about marine renewables and sea birds, and we are delighted to announce that MacArthur Green is now supporting four PhD studentships in this area. Each of these students are aiming to advance knowledge in this area, and reduce uncertainty for future marine renewable developments. 

We are working with an number of key partners to deliver this research including; Glasgow University, Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), MASTS, UHI (ERI Thurso), Leeds University and Vattenfall.

We thought it was about time that we let everyone know a bit more about our PhD team, and what they are going to be looking at:

  1. Glasgow University Scholarship; Alex Robbins ‘Marine wet renewables and seabirds.’ University supervisor Dr David Bailey.
  2. NERC CASE Studentship, Glasgow University; Julie Miller ‘Modelling populations of seabirds affected by marine developments.’ University supervisor Professor Jason Matthiopoulos.
  3. SNH/MASTS Scholarship, UHI (ERI Thurso); Daniel Johnston ‘Ecology of black guillemots in relation to Marine Protected Areas and tidal stream arrays.’ University supervisor Dr Liz Masden.
  4. NERC CASE Studentship, Leeds University (with Vattenfall as 2nd CASE partner); student to be appointed ‘Demography of gannets on Bass Rock in relation to offshore wind farms.’ University supervisor Professor Keith Hamer.

Professor Robert Furness and Mark Trinder are working hard to support each of these students as they wade their way through these important topics. Watch this space for updates from our PhD team!