MacArthur Green’s Marine Renewables Research Programme

With The Crown Estate recently announcing their proposed plans for Round 4 offshore wind leasing,it is a good time to provide an update on the marine ornithological research work MacArthur Green is supporting.

Since 2011, MacArthur Green has supported 8 PhD research projects. The aim is to reduce uncertainty over ornithological impacts of marine renewable projects by improving evidence-based decision making.

To deliver these research projects, we are working with key organisations from academia, government and industry. By producing this important research, we will also be contributing to the training of future skilled ornithological scientist in the field, who will hopefully go on to work in marine renewables. For more detail on the research projects, please read our update here.

MacArthur Green believe in helping projects that are important to people and nature succeed, and delivering a positive environmental legacy in doing so. Offshore wind is an example of the type of project that can deliver significant economic and environmental benefits; helping informed decision making for these projects is of key importance to us.

(For more information on The Crown Estate’s leasing plans, please see their new website: [link no longer available] ).